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Zaviera - 2.6%

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The Miss Cameroon UK Beauty Pageant is organised by NTN Network Ltd in association with two Cameroonian charities:

1 – The Cameroon Community Welfare Development Association (CACOWEDA) UK

2 – The Cameroon Forum Foundation UK

Our Vision

An innovative way to put Cameroon on the world map and to let friends of Cameroon learn about our history, culture, traditions, and all aspects of Cameroonian life. The Miss Cameroon UK Beauty Pageant is a platform to showcase Cameroonian and African artists, a celebration of the beauty of every Cameroonian and Afro-Caribbean woman and to present the beauty of the Cameroonian
and Afro-Caribbean woman to the world. 

Our Mission

The Miss Cameroon UK Beauty Pageant is an opportunity for all to give back to the community. 
During every beauty pageant the winners are given various charitable tasks to accomplish in a bid to help foster a sense of unity among Cameroonians and Afro-Caribbeans as well as seeking to bring improvements in the lives of many disadvantaged Cameroonians and Afro-Caribbeans at home and abroad. Contestants who become part of this good cause are goal-orientated, energetic and ambitious. They will end up becoming positive role models and goodwill ambassadors for Cameroon and Africa in general.

To groom a new generation of a Cameroonian women leaders to impact positively upon their communities and the rest of the world.
To make sure the Beauty Queens’ celebrity status provides her with access to many doors in circles she would otherwise not have access to.
To ensure the Beauty Queens carry the following responsibilities:

  • Youth Ambassador
  • Charity and Community Fundraising
  • Promote positive image of Cameroon
  • Promote social, economic and cultural activities for the advancement of Cameroon in the UK and in the Diaspora