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Name: Lizette

Age: 23

Profession: ACCA Student


City: From London

Why I want to be voted Miss Cameroon UK:

It takes only a person like me with a Passion for my people and a love for God to influence a nation of 20million people and get 101% result. vote for me because i have that burning desire to represent Cameroonians and affect their lives in every circle and height that this position takes me to and beyond.


This amazing journey began on the 27th of November 2011 the moment his excellency the high commissioner gave me the tiara. It was at the prestigious porchester hall. The feeling is
unexplainable, I will never forget. There was a Limo waiting outside to drive me and the other girls down to the after party at Obar with other celebrities like petit pays. I became that piece of beauty that everyone was looking up to and since then my life changed a great deal. I thank God for this opportunity.

My trip to Cameroon was AMAZING from Heathrow to Brussels to Douala airport. I had so much fun with Gladys on the plane and now I will say I gained a sister. When we arrived Douala we split up to our various homes and I had an amazing time with my family. I had been away for a year and half and I was so happy to see my family again.

Two weeks later i was invited to give a speech at a training program organised by the Miss Cameroon UK organisers at the prestigious djeuga Palace in Yaoundé. It was another major function with so many people from the media. It was my first appearance in Cameroon as the beauty queen and I felt so special.

A few days later we headed for seme beach where we had an exquisite time. We started off at down beach Limbe with some fresh roasted fish to start the holiday. The very next day, we went to Ekona (a small village in the south west) where we visited the redemption high school. It seemed to be a market day and the villagers were so happy to see us. They made me feel so important and I wondered how they made a life from the little they had. One of the organisers bought off a lady’s
tray of groundnuts for just £2.50 and she was so excited because it normally takes the whole day to raise that amount.

We went round the market sensitising the people about the importance of education and many were interested but did not have the means. One of the projects I will carry on with the team even after my reign is to make a way for these children to go to school. We have already started negotiating an exchange program between the redemption high school and the Hackney College in London. It is amazing how the founder has gone so far by herself in such an anti-educational environment. It is time to get together and do something.

I made other public appearances in the capacity of Miss Cameroon UK whilst in Cameroon such as at the Miss central Africa Cameroon pageant where I had the opportunity of act as one of the judges. I had several interviews with radio and TV stations like Mount Cameroon FM, Cannal 2 etc.

It has been a year of adventure, challenges, fun, tears, maturity, independence, joy and happiness. I thank God most especially for giving me this opportunity. I specially thank the Miss Cameroon UK organisers for the change they brought to my life and most especially Richard and Jocelyn my Queen mother for the support, encouragement and rebukes. I thank my parents and family for the support they have given me all my life and for haven believed in me I love you. I particularly enormously thank my RCM(Royal City Mission) who supported me and believed in me from the very day. I thank my daddy, my friend, my teacher; Ps Song Yusimbom. I also specially thank all the charities I have
had the opportunity of working with thank you for believing in me and a big shout out to the Cstv team. I love you all.